The Rise of Local Craft Cold Brew Coffee

Brass Clover is a commercial craft cold brew coffee manufacturer based in Sacramento, California that is known for their Nitro Cold Brew Coffee and canned craft cold brew beverages. What was initially thought of as a hobby and planned to be available as a limited-time offering during the 2015 Specialty Coffee Week, quickly turned into a business as customer demand for their craft cold brew coffee surged following the week of events. The name, Brass Clover, was chosen in part as a reflection of the brass-colored layers that are formed when their Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is poured and as a symbol of good luck and fortune.

Brass Clover now manufactures several hundred gallons a week using a proprietary brewing process and methodology that produces the same great tasting craft cold brew coffee as their very first batch. While the company has significantly expanded production over the years, Brass Clover is still one of the few craft cold brew manufacturers to use local, fresh-roasted coffee for every batch without the use of coffee concentrates, extracts, or powders for added flavor. 

Brass Clover is available in partnership with more than 30 local businesses, including the Corti Brothers, the Golden 1 Arena, and all Temple Coffee retail locations.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.jpg

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: Rock the nitro stache with our flagship Nitro Cold Brew Coffee that goes through a multistage nitrogen infusion process to produce a creamy, smooth, and complex cold brew with bold chocolate and nutty notes.


Session Cold Brew Coffee: Brass Clover takes a page from the craft beer industry to produce the first-ever Session Cold Brew Coffee, an easy-to-drink craft cold brew coffee that is smooth and light tasting with subtle floral and fruity notes. 

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The Standard: Brass Clover sets the standard for craft cold brew coffee. We use freshly roasted, local craft coffee for every batch, and condition our final product with nitrogen to enhance the flavor profile, body, and mouthfeel.